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We have recently taken the opportunity to refresh the information that we hold on our website – there’s now a load more information available to you.

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Set Browser to Update Pages Every Visit

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Over the weekend of March 24th & 25th 2012 Westlecot Indoor Bowls Club (sponsored by Dexion) will be holding its’ second annual knockout tournament.

A maximum of 64 entries will be allowed.  1st prize £1000 (depending on number of entrants) .

Entrants will be split into 2 sections.

For further details please contact Neil Smith on 07747 755860 or download the entry form below.

Download the entry form: Westlecot Open 2012 Entry Form

After just 1 week we have 27 confirmed entrants – don’t leave your own entry too late or you may miss out.  We will be keeping a reserve list in operation for those that fail to get their entry into the first 64.

Entries received from:-
Norman Coad, Bodmin
Alan Hawke, Bodmin
Ian Jefferies, Westlecot
Scott Edwards, Adur
Stephen Roberts, Darlington
Danny Denison, Torquay (2011 tournament champion)
Nick Revell, Five Rivers
David Leighfield, Five Rivers
Andy Wise, Carterton
Phil Carpenter, Cynon Valley
Ross Owen, Cynon Valley (Welsh u25 Singles Champion 2011 (and conqueror of Paul Foster @ Potters 2012!))
Colin Gathercole, City of Ely
Brian Hawkins, Clarrie Dunbar
Paul Sharman, Carterton
Debbie Stavrou, Desborough (WBT Mixed Pairs Matchplay Champion 2012)
Matt Hyde, Desborough
Mark Royal, Mid Suffolk (WBT world ranked 6 (prov))
Mel Biggs, Westlecot
Andy Moore, Christie Miller (2011 tournament finalist)
Ian Honour, Desborough
Matt Sykes, Banbury
Neil Chandler, Cotswold
Tom Warner, Five Rivers
Ryan Collier, Bristol
Pete Birmingham, Bristol
Chris Keating, Bristol
Neil Smith, Westlecot (WBT World indoor singles qualifier 2012)

On Sunday 18th December at midday Westlecot will welcome the mens’ u25 teams from Devon & Kent for the semi-final of the National Inter-County Double rink.  All spectators are welcome – the kitchen will be open from 11am for bacon butties/teas/coffees etc and the bar will be open from midday.

We are led to believe that the teams will be as follows:-

Kent –

James Hill
Joe Glass
Taylor Monk
Perry Martin

Chris Fox
Lewis King
Josh Pounds
Sean Coyle

Devon –

Zach Kidd
Harry Goodwin
Dan Holloway
Ryan Whitlock

Joe Melmore
Ian Lesley
Louis Ridout
Sam Tolchard

It should be an excellent game and a chance to see some of the current (and future!) players from the junior/senior England squad.

Of course this does clash with our own mixed team playing in the last 16 of the Egham at Northampton against the side from City of Ely.

Westlecot’s mixed indoor team take a trip up to the neutral venue of Northampton on Sunday 18th December to take on the team from City of Ely Bowls club having reached the last 16 of this prestigious event.

Previously they have beaten Rugby (round of last 32), Cotswold, Carterton & Fairford.

Start time is at midday and all are welcome along to support.  Transport has been arranged for the players to leave the club at 9am Sunday morning.

Just to let you all know that our website is currently undergoing a small redevelopment that will allow us to change all of the content ourselves.  Up to now almost all of what you see on the site we have been unable to change without engaging with a third party to do so (and at a cost).   The layout may not change much initially but the freshness of it will be visible to all.  Also, we will be saving money as the webiste redevlopment is being done free of charge and will also be hosted for us at zero cost too (an annual £60 saving).

We will be asking for volunteers to come forward to keep various sections of the site up to date and relevant – if you would like to be involved in this please can you get in contact with Dan Bluett.  The blog area will be changing also so those that are currently active in this area will require some re-training (suffice to say it will become much easier to add and amend our blogs).

Once the changes have been tested and approved (hopefully sometime around the new year) we will be moving over to the new site – whilst that move is taking place the current website may not be available.  We’ll keep you posted on progress and when the changeover may occur.

If you have any comments/suggestions about the current website and what you would like to see in the new one again please can you contact Dan Bluett